Smart and Safety Road Management: Integrated Intelligent Road Management System

Smart and Safety Road Management: Integrated Intelligent Road Management System


  • Hui-Mei Juh
  • Pi-Chi Chien
  • Chun-Ming Yu Chun-Ming Yu
  • Chung-Jung Yu
  • Chuan-Hsin Chuan-Hsin



iROAD, Intelligent Road Management System, Mobile office


For road maintenance and public works safety, New Taipei City Government of
Taiwan has setup and continually expanded its road management systems since 2001.
Beginning from establishing GIS databases of underground pipelines, facilities, pavement
condition investigations, etc., to develop its road related management systems since 2001.
Recent years, NTPC has upgraded & consolidated its separated systems into an “Intelligent
Road Management System,” named “iROAD” system, including the functions of road
excavation management, pavement rehabilitation, road maintenance, and other road
management works, with core aims of “convenience,” “mobility,” “smart management,”
“value-added services,” and “transparency.”
iROAD is a transparent, accessible, smart web-based GIS virtual data management
system and platform with the ability to facilitate road management operations and public
work safety surveillance, monitoring and hazard prevention. It serves multiple critical
functions to provide road information and also allows effective management for road
excavation and pavement rehabilitation management services by providing convenient and
quick access to necessary information, such as key performance indicators, control data, realtime

construction images/ video and status. iROAD implements augmented reality (AR)
technologies for mobility and smart operations, allowing on-site personnel to visualize and
acquire information regarding road relative works as well as perform road asset management
in an intuitive manner. With multiple technologies including big data analysis, AI smart
management, mobile access, iROAD enables remote supervision and management of roads,
allow big data analytics to improve road maintenance performance, reduce construction
interfacing issues, as well as support road engineering disaster response decision making.






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